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Black Truffle Honey 8oz

Black Truffle Honey 8oz

SKU: 364115376135191

We have blended the finest organic Italian black truffle slices with our raw, summer wildflower honey to create an award winning indulgent and flavour packed ‘Black Truffle Honey’.

Foraged as they always have been: by expert truffle-hunters and the hyper-sensitive nostrils of their Lagotto Romagnolos.

Our raw ‘Black Truffle Honey’ is subtle and expressive. Perfect for anyone looking to add a deep and earthy undertone to a dish, or bring out the flavours of cheeses and charcuterie boards without overwhelming them. Drizzle over roast vegetables, a plate of ravioli, or simply to finish an autumnal soup. A little goes a long way.


    Here at ‘Pops’ Honey Co.’ we don’t and won’t ever heat our honey to infuse flavour notes. We simply add and leave to naturally permeate over time. Therefore withholding the beneficial enzymes and health promoting qualities of pure, raw and unadulterated honey.

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